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I grew up on your "to die for" Artichoke relish!!! So excited to get my shipment of pure Yummyness! Thank you for doing what you are doing. The best period!!! All the way from San Francisco California! We have been hooked on Mrs. Sassard's Relish for well over 20 years!!! Its soooo good!

Amy Farias, San Francisco, California

Excellent. Nothing quite like it. One of a kind.

Will James, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Best I have ever eaten! Nothing Else Comes Close To Comparing.

Patty Ravenel, Charleston, South Carolina

I use to chop the artichoke by hand when I was a kid. They had a gallon can with the rim removed on one end and a wooden handle on the other end. I would chop them in a wooden box until they were little pieces.
I have been eating them ever since and they are the Best in the NATION and hope they will be around FOREVER!!

Sparky Witte, Sullivan's Island, South Carolina